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Ray Harryhausen’s work is a landmark in the art of dimensional stop-motion animation. He was a father figure and mentor to a world of fans. He saw the creative in each and every one of us, regardless of who we were and where we came from, and encouraged everyone he met to pursue her or his creative goals. We were most fortunate to have Ray’s help early on. We mention Ray in the screenplay. He chuckled at the reference and because of that I was able to meet with him numerous times when he came to the States.

Ray’s commitment to the creative embodies the theme of Suspended Belief. The characters in the screenplay find escape, then connection and finally happiness through their imagination. No one understood the importance of imagination better than Ray Harryhausen, the artist and pioneer who brought our imaginations to life.

"Catherine Craig and I have been friends and colleagues for over twenty-five years. Her extensive filmography includes more than thirty five feature films, many of them the biggest blockbusters of their time. Catherine’s well respected professional talents range from fine arts painting to computer graphics wizardry, and she is also a highly regarded camerawoman and film archivist. In the past few years she has also found success as a screenwriter. Her partly autobiographical, award winning screenplay, Suspended Belief showcases her creativity in a particularly poignant and original way. It is the quirky, fascinating journey of an independent woman who is determined to persevere for the sake of her children. The characterizations are rich and the setting hip. I look forward to witnessing Catherine Craig’s enormous artistry and filmmaking talent as this project moves forward; she is sure to provide a unique voice and exquisite vision to her terrific material."

— Janet Healy, Producer Despicable Me, The Lorax, Despicable Me 2, Minions

"The story is wrenching, frustrating, compelling, truly scary, yet filled with whimsical touches that put us into the unique world of these characters yet also in the heart of some of the cruel paradoxes of a domestic abuse situation.  While such stories tend to grip me anyway, I think your script completely transcends those I have seen translated into film. Your script had an authentic resonance that is drawn from details that are real and rich and specific that make us understand we are not watching a formulaic drama, yet they fit into a scenario that has a well-structured arc and climax. To create a female character who like yourself was and perhaps still is a rarity in this kind of world of special FX/animation is novel and excellent. The detail there is great and of course this world of FX and animation is appealing to me (and I think to general audiences as well). To bring in the psychological aspects of this type of fantasy genre to a child endangerment context is perfect, not too didactic but gives the context a depth dimension--and a legitimacy.  The additional information that you present from the psychologist about a child’s perspective in this type of crisis, adds to the information about abuse situations and is, in addition to adding to a great drama, a great public service.  I really loved the script and was very, very impressed.  Bravo Catherine!”

— Marcy Page, Producer Me and My Moulton, Ryan, Madame Tutli-Putli, The Danish Poet (2006).

"As a live action and FX cameraman, I've worked under the direction of many directors from Steven to George Lucas, Richard Marquand, Robert Wise, Toby Harper, Wes Craven and others. Based on those experiences I have developed a sense of what it takes to be a director.

Having worked with Catherine Craig, I am certain that she is a fine director. Under all circumstances, I found her optimistic in outlook, organized and steadfast in approach, experienced, yet imaginative, intelligent and insightful in problem solving, and remarkably well versed in all aspects of production. She displays an extraodinary skill level in both the aesthetic and technical areas. Perhaps even more significant among Catherine's skills is her ability to work with a production crew as well as lead it to a specific goal."

— Rick Fichter, DP Top Gun USFX, VFX Supe, Sleepless in Seattle 

"It's a movie, not just another screenplay! Suspended Belief speaks to the perseverance of the human spirit and explores the essential and universal question of rebuilding life and learning to trust again. It approaches a difficult subject and tells a story in a compelling and commercially viable way, never missing a beat."

— Michael Urban, AFI, American Film Institute, screenwriter of Saved!

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This is a story I have always felt had to be told. It’s so powerful, it’s so emotional. It’s very beautiful and moving, but it has this way of presenting itself that’s completely disarming. You get involved in it very easily, and there’s a professional quality to the writing and the level of subtext to everything that’s going on in this story.

Catherine unfolds this woman’s plight in a way that’s completely genuine and real. But it’s not a woman’s story per se. It’s presented in a way that a man can watch this and be completely drawn in to the story and feel the plight of the adults and the children involved. All the quirky characters of OddFX are incredibly disarming. Seeing the visuals of these throwback monster makers is going to be very exciting. It’s a film that has to be made and I can’t wait to see it.

— Paul Giacoppo Writer, Disney/Marvel Television


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